The Where to Eat Guide Touchless Menus (TM)

A Contactless Digital Menu Solution for Restaurants

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person looking at a restaurant menu on their mobile phone app after scanning a QR code in the restaurant

Touchless Menus Today!


Increase Customer Confidence

Keep it clean

Everyone is thinking about all the surfaces we touch. The less unfamiliar touch points the better. Restaurant menus harbor more germs and bacteria than any other surface in a restaurant. Menus can have a bacteria count up to 185,000 per square centimeter. That’s more than a toilet seat!

With our Touchless Menus™, your customers will have the safe feeling I’m pulling up your menu right on their own phone.

On-The-Fly Menu Updating

Keep it current

Update your menu anytime day or night or even during service. Corrections and updates can be performed right from your phone, tablet, or computer. Need to change the price of a menu item because your food cost went up? Do it with just a few clicks.

What makes Touchess Menus so unique is that in addition to the cost savings and cleanliness, you have complete control at any time to make live updates in seconds!

Tax Incentives for Increased Accessibility

Keep it compliant

Up to 30 million Americans cannot read traditional menus due to visual impairments, and only 700,000 of those people read braille. Touchless Menus provides a huge opportunity for you to make your restaurant more accessible to all.

Our digital online menus are designed to be ADA compliant. By using our Touchless Menus technology you may be eligible for an annual tax deduction for providing a service purchase to help disabled individuals access restaurant menus in-person and online.

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Dynamic QR codes take guests to your custom menu from their personal cell phones and tablets.
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Update On-the-Go

Make instant updates to your contactless menu from any device connected to the internet.
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ADA Compliant

Touchless Menus increases accessibility and is ADA compliant for the visually impaired.

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Smart Business Analytics

Capture valuable information from everyone at the table including city, age, device, repeat or new guest and more!

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Social Visibility

Added visibility to potential customers through The Eat Guide’s social media platform with over 100,000 followers.
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Customer Service

Increase your service level – “Through safety, we build consumer confidence.”

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Now is the fun part—by choosing a plan, you’ll have all the peace that comes with a clean, current, and compliant menu system.