Frequently Asked Questions


What is Touchless Menus™ and how does it work?
Touchless Menus™ is a contactless digital menu viewed on a cell phone by scanning a QR code. The customer walks into a restaurant, sits down at a table, uses their phone to scan a QR Code which opens the restaurant’s menu on their phone.
Does Touchless Menus™ provide table displays, QR code, design, and printing?
Absolutely! We take care of everything. Once you submit your menu, logo, and food photos we get to work. Our team creates your custom menu template, dynamic QR code, and table display design. Once approved, we will hand-deliver or ship your table displays to place in your restaurant.
What type of table displays come with my subscription?
4″ x 6″ acrylic tabletop displayette.
Does Touchless Menus™ have a different style of tabletop displays other than the acrylic?
Yes. We can assist in getting you anything from crystal, wood, or themed tabletop displays that will accommodate the 4 x 6 print inserts and provide the look and feel that best fits your restaurant. While the acrylic tabletop displays are included with your subscription, we are happy to provide a quote for upgraded styles. Please ask your sales representative for a quote on cost.
Can guests order and pay from Touchless Menus™?
Our goal is to first and foremost help you provide safe restaurant menus, confident customers, cost savings, and smart business practices. As we are currently developing a point-of-sale interface, you will still have your servers take orders and payment.
How can Touchless Menus™ help you avoid ADA legal actions?
Your new Touchless Menus™ menu meets all WCAG2.1 AA and California laws. We also recommend adding a link to the menu to your website. We can also provide an annual WCAG review of your restaurant site to track issues you need might want to consider addressing that may help lower legal risk.
What if our customers cannot access our menu online on their phones and/or our WiFi is down too?
Simply print your Touchless Menus™ menu. You have a print button visible at the
bottom of your menu. We recommend always printing a few backups after any menu correction.
How long does it take to set up our new menu?
Once we have your current menu in the correct format you will typically have your menu everything ready for your approval in 3-5 business days. Once we have your final approved, your menus will be ready for the customer within 1 business day typically.
How do we find out about your coupons?
We offer periodic discounts. Reach out to us through the “Contact Us” page or sign up for our newsletter.
Will your social media links be on the menu footer?
Yes, we recommend you links to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
How does the Google Analytics reporting work?
Touchless Menus™ provides our customers with QR code scans provided by Google Analytics. Select customers will receive this report quarterly via email.


Are you able to update menus as often need at no extra cost?
Yes! Once we have your full current menu set up and you have approved, you can then use your secure menu dashboard to change text menu items, descriptions, prices, and other details as often as you like need at no extra charge.
How many food images can be posted and how often can they be updated?
We can place 4 photos of your choice in the image carousel at the top of your menu. Images can be updated at no additional cost with select subscriptions.
Can menu items be hidden at any time and show them later?
Yes! Your menus dashboard has a show/hide drop-down button for all items.
Can we add new items?
Yes you can add up to 2 new items to all the sections you have set
up. If you need more we can add more blank items to your sections.
Do you offer training on how to update our menu?
Yes, we have an online tutorial detailing how to update your menu. Clients can also request a one on one 1:1 training virtual training.
Can more than one location be supported?
Yes! If your additional menu location has the same menu items and prices we can add this location for a discounted rate. If your locations have different menus, then it’s a new menu setup. Contact us or talk to your rep if you have one already.

Commitment & Cancellation

What if we need to cancel?

There is a minimum 12-month commitment after you may cancel at any time by emailing your 30 days’ notice to